Locals Love Us

Locals Love Us

Welcome to The Picayune Locals Love Us 2018 Voting, Please Vote on Your Favorite Highland Lakes Business.

Take part in The Picayune Presents Locals Love Us Awards, a fun and entertaining poll. Go ahead, jump in and type the name of your pick next to each category. Categories for which you have no selection may be left blank. Please include city name if known. We will take necessary steps to ensure no ballot stuffing occurs in print or online. Ballots must be submitted by November 30, 2017.



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Best Auto Services

Best Customer Service

Best Food/Drink

Best Health/Fitness/Beauty

Best Home Services

Best Places To Stay

Best Professional Services

Best Restaurants

Best Retail

Best Things To Do (Activities)

Do you have any categories you would like us to include in future Locals Love Us Voting?